Daintree Bird Walk -  with Chris Dahlberg

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Birdwatching or birding is an activity that people come to Daintree Village for. It is here that some of the world's more experienced birders come to see some of the elusive rainforest and water species.
You can do the walk by yourself or go with Chris Dahlberg for a 2 hour walk


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More than half of Australia's birds can be found in Queensland's Wet Tropics.

Wet Tropics logo 430 species

With the different and varied habitats around the Daintree Village it makes sense to combine a short stay here with other birdwatching bases like Cairns and Julatten to go birdwatching in the Wet Tropics.

Learn the secrets of Stewart Creek Road including knowing the calls of the hard to find rainforest birds.

eGuide to Australian Birds
Bird Calls
Some digital help?
The eGuide to Australian Birds has the David Stewart bird calls for many of the Wet Tropics Species.

David recorded many of the bird calls in Daintree with Chris Dahlberg in 1994.