A tour with Chris Dahlberg

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Stunning photo of a male Double-eyed Fig-Parrot

MEETING POINT for the Daintree Bird Walk
The first thing that you see when you drive into Daintree Village is the "Big Barra".
That is where we meet at 7:00am on walk days


The Daintree Bird Walk.
In response to the Daintree Gateway master plan recommendations, the Daintree Bird Walk was started by Chris Dahlberg in May 2013.
The plan recommended initiatives like this tour to ensure that the Daintree Village retains it's identity and remains commercially viable.
Should the gateway plan be implemented a lot of tourist traffic will by-pass the Daintree Village road and go on to Cape Tribulation instead.

Stay overnight at the Daintree Village Hideaway

The Birds of Queensland's Wet Tropics
From some of the world's smallest parrots and kingfishers to he largest of cuckoo's, to birds that can see in the dark and pigeons more colourful than Amazonian parrots this region is central to many of the most exciting birds in the world.  After breeding in the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere shorebirds and waders fly longer distances than the international traveler to be here in summer.  In  Spring, the quietness of the rainforest can suddenly shatter with the call of the male Victoria's riflebird advertising for a mate.  He dappling light of the rainforest is pierced with a flash of red, white and blue - a Paradise-Kingfisher.  The dawn chorus rising from a tiny rainforest creek is dramatically interrupted by the leonine call of the crocodile bird.  At almost any time one of the 430 bird species can steal the scene.  The daytime eco show is dominated by birds that range in size from the diminutive endemic Mountain Thornbill to the giant, yet vulnerable, Southern Cassowary as each carves their niche in Queensland's Wet Tropics.
1998 Chris Dahlberg

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